Solar City Concept

Solar City Concept

First Solar City In Uttarakhand

Hector is launching Marvella City as first Solar city in Uttarakhand. Hector make full use of Solar energy, and use natural light LED to cut cost of emissions. we ensure, we save energy and produce it to emhance use of natural resources.


Marvella City Architectural Planning

Designed To Create Their Own Energy.
Building Planned To Have Maximum Natural Light.
Planned For Natural Cross Ventilation.
Two Sided Open Flats.
Effective Shading.
Thermal Mass For Storing Heat.
High Performance Glazing.
How It Will Work

“Green Energy” As Primary Source.
“Grid Energy” As “Stand by”.
Light, Fan, TV, Computer etc Have “Green Energy”.
All Flats Have Solar Water Heating System.
Water Pumps etc. Run On “Green Energy”.
Common Lighting In Outdoor Work On Green Energy.
Light Points Have Time And Motion Sensors.
After Sunset They Will Automatically Turn On.

Work Even In Power Outage..
Solar radiation without charge.
Environmental Benefit. No To Global Warming.
Renewable resource Of Energy.
Keep on Shining, Potentially Beyond Human Existence.
No risk of electrocution.
Safe for children.