The pool sits like a blue sapphire that leads to enc hating emerald greens

    Wide sun deck areas where you can laze about and soak in the sun or admire the view
    Tranquil atmosphere
    Sun umbrellas over deck chairs where you can stretch out
    Lovely compact yet snazzy chairs and tables to chat

Marvella Property
An exciting concept of a compact swimming pool where you can swim or just chill on a hot summer afternoon!

    Hygienic-fully treated water
    Safe for everyone
    Stylish contemporaneous looks
    Perfect for playing a variety of water sports
    Equipment and swimming instructor available

Haridwar Villas Marvella

Frothy, swirling, bubbling waters intersperse the landscape with strategically placed fountains for that lively effect

    Mini designer waterfalls that gush and spout and cascade bubbly waters
    Fountains and pools that bubble murmuring waters
    Colored lights to light up the scene at night for even more dramatic effect
    Perfect to spend a few hours under moonlight starry skies
    Enchanting view adds immeasurably to the landscape

property in Haridwar Villas


Designer style contemporaneous manicured landscapes with flat areas well as gently curving slopes to add variety and spice up the scene

    Stepped areas
    Gently undulating green manicured lawns
    Flat green lawns bordered by flowering shrubs, interspersed with water bodies and plants
    Shady clump of trees to add highlights
    Beautiful aesthetic composition to give peace, rest and relaxation to the soul


Marvella Villas in Haridwar